Can You Name These Common Farm Animals?

If you're a person who eats, you should thank a farmer. Well, technically, you should thank the entire community of creatures who help maintain a thriving agricultural ecosystem. Every farm animal, from the cows and the sheep to the mice and the owls, helps balance the business of growing and producing. So do you think you know why llamas are good to have around the barn, like a true John Deere loving farm boy? Or are you the type of city slicker who has to be relegated to the hen house?

Which canine was bred specifically to herd?

Which animal is considered a great companion, besides serving many other purposes, like eating just about anything in sight?

Which fluffy animal is good to have around to guard over smaller critters?

There are over 40 million of these stubborn animals on farms all over the world:

Can you guess which animals are notoriously clean? They actually prefer water baths over mud. 

Do you know which noisy creatures have been fixtures on farms for over 5,000 years? 

What about these guys, who require frequent "haircuts?" What are they?

Which animals use more energy lying down than they do standing up?

Do you know which creatures are the most commonly farmed animals in the world?

What energetic dog breed is known for its speed and agility for herding?

Which animal is increasingly popular in farming for its valuable products?

Which bird is known for having water-resistant feathers?

Minnesota is the top producer of which holiday favorite?

Which animal feeds on small rodents that threaten crops?

While they look rather stout, these animals are known for being strong workers...

Many farmers rely on tricks to keep which grazing animals off their properties?

Cuniculture is the agricultural term for farming which animals?

Do you know which large animal lives to around 30 years?

Do you know the female term for chicken?

Which animal has proven to be one of the most lethal on the farm? 

Can you guess which male bird sheds its luxurious feathers once a year?

Approximately ⅓ of all food wouldn’t be possible without the acts of which creatures?

They don’t contribute much work, but these animals commonly find homes in cozy food-packed barns…

Which animal is often portrayed as a farmer’s worst enemy?

Which animals are natural weeders?

Do you know which burrowing animals hate lavender and many other herbs?

Most often, these animals are raised for their luxurious coats. What are they?

Which farm animals spend a lot of time socializing and can remember between 50-70 different members of their species?

You need a marshy area full of aquatic vegetation to be successful in farming which animals?

Farmers don’t mind these unpopular creatures because they eat up all their insects.

If treated humanely on a proper farm, this animal can live for between 30-50 years.

Do you know which creature is a cross between a male donkey and a female horse?

Can you guess which animal helps out the farmers by consuming the most rodents?

Which animals are large consumers of ticks and therefore cut back the spread of Lyme disease?

Farmers of these reptiles can call them by clapping their hands. They are...

They’re fun to look at, and their eggs are also beneficial to the garden. They are…

Farmers do everything — from planting special repellent crops to bringing in predators — to keep which animals away from their plants?

While they prefer to work with one animal group, these herders can also drive sheep or goats. Who are they? 

Do you know which critters provide nutrient-rich soil that makes planting a whole lot easier?

Which scavengers have been known to transmit around 45 diseases to crops and water supplies?