Genius Fall Hacks That Make Everyone's Favorite Season Better

What's creepy, kooky, mysterious, and spooky? No, not the Addams Family — fall! Thankfully, everybody's favorite season doesn't have to be creepy, especially when you know these autumn-themed life hacks that can save you time and money. From potato-washing tips to unique pumpkin decor, these are all the hacks, crafts, tricks, and treats you'll need this fall.

If subtlety isn’t quite your speed, what better time to go all-out on a show-stopping autumnal wreath than spooky season? To make one of your own, start with either a ready-made wreath base or weave together one of your own using a supple wood or wire. Opting for wood? Make sure you avoid anything that releases a resin.

And then comes the fun part! Gather up as many acorns, pinecones, leaves, berries, and foliage as you want and either lace them through your wreath or use strong glue to piece them all together. You could even add in some more unconventional decorations, like coffee beans, nuts, and even small gourds.

There's no one we'd trust quite like Martha Stewart to have the recipe for success when it comes to throwing a party. And her fountain of knowledge extends to Halloween hosting, too. According to Martha, a clever way to spice up your next autumnal party is with a kitsch-but-cute pumpkin cooler.

All you need to do is carve out a large pumpkin and fill it with ice. The more guests, the bigger the gourd — simple! Add in some pumpkin-spiced refreshments, and you’ve officially turned a veg-patch staple into unique decor.

After endlessly scrolling through Pinterest to decide on a design and enduring the painstaking hours of carving, what's the one thing you want to avoid when it comes to your prized pumpkin? An unsightly spoiled mess come October 31st, that's what! Jack-o’-lanterns are best when they’re scary but not completely rotten.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, you should mix a tablespoon of bleach into a quart-sized spray bottle of water. Periodically spray your pumpkins with the solution, and the bleach should keep your jack-o’-lantern’s creepy grin fresh throughout the whole season.

Is your apple pie bursting with apples and yet somehow dry and dull? As it turns out, you can add juiciness and flavor without wasting precious time and money slicing up yet more apples.

Simply pour some apple cider into the mix for a flavorful and delicious dessert. Don't blame us if your friends and family won't quit asking you to make it once they've tried a slice!