Can You Match The Courageous Character To The Movie?

What makes a hero? Well, according to the movies, a special mix of courage, insurmountable odds, and most importantly, a true and pure heart. Whether they’re a rough-and-tumble action junkie, a woman flouting gender expectations, or an orphaned child on an epic quest, a part of each of us relates to these underdog stories. So, do you think you’ve wiped away your tears for cinema’s bravest characters? Or do you have some high-stakes movie watching left to do?

This somewhat unremarkable Hobbit went on to save Middle Earth in which epic fantasy?

Clarice maintained her composure in the face of a cannibalistic killer in...


Who is this heroine, who disguised herself to fight on behalf of her father?

Can you name this everyman from Philly who put in the work to become a champion?


Without a law degree, this no-nonsense single mother took a major corporation to task in which film?

Nothing can stop this whip-cracking scholar — except for snakes. He's...


Woody did whatever it took to return home to Andy in which film?

What film follows this son's lifelong mission to avenge his father's death?

Ellen Ripley was the lone survivor of which space horror?


His Mama taught him a lot about being a good person. He's...

Do you know the name of the film where this teenager sacrificed everything to save her sister?

Which film featured this character, who served 19 years in prison for stealing bread to feed his family?

Luke trained hard to become a Jedi in which film classic?

Elizabeth Bennet refused to be pushed into a loveless marriage in which film, based on a Jane Austen novel?

Do you know the guy who steals from the rich and gives to the needy?

A radioactive bug bite led to which teenage superhero vigilante?

This guy liked to pretend like he wasn't motivated by good, but he proved his heroic nature in...


What film series would have been doomed without the smartest witch of her age?

You might spot this famous spy in which of these films?


Which film followed this girl's perilous journey to find her way back home?


Do you know the film series about master hacker and trauma survivor Lisbeth Salander?

Can you guess which unlikely hero proved his strength of character in this titular film?

What Disney filmed followed the fiery heroine Merida?


Atticus Finch defended an innocent man accused of a crime he didn't commit in which iconic book adaptation?


Strong-willed and stubborn, Jo March was the standout heroine in...

This ship captain was dead set on conquering his white whale in which book adaptation?


In which movie did Elle Woods make getting into Harvard Law look easy?

She didn’t succumb to fear when her parent’s eyes turned to buttons. She’s...

Bruce Wayne swore an oath to fight crime and became which jaded superhero?

The power of the ring never swayed this good-hearted Hobbit in...

He was born to shoulder tremendous weight on his path to greatness. He's...


Jamal Malik takes home the big prize in which award-winning film?

Homelessness and poverty didn't stop this father from fighting for his son and career in which movie?

Marlin crossed the ocean searching for his son in which aquatic adventure?

The woman known as "The Bride" took no mercy on her path to revenge in which film?

Some call him the “Chosen One,” but what’s the name of his 8-movie franchise that chronicled his bravery?

Headstrong high schooler Christine McPherson sheds her given name in which coming-of-age film?

Can you match this foul-mouthed hero to his action movie?

This Princess, General, and leader of the Rebel Alliance came from which film?

Despite the times, which woman refused to compromise on her feminist values?