Can You Name These Male Celebs By Just Their Facial Hair?

Many Hollywood hunks tend to be clean-shaven, but there are some legends who wouldn't be the same without their iconic facial hair. These beards, mustaches, and goatees truly make the man. There's no doubt you've seen these famous faces a million times, but how well do you really know them?

Which tough guy owns this stache?

Which funnyman rocks this beard?

Who's the man behind this artsy mustache?

You're a true wizard if you can name the man behind this beard.

This man must have one of the toughest beards in movie history.

These two ZZ Top members cultivated the most impressive beards in rock.

This dude's beard really ties the room together.

Who is the captain behind this famous facial hair?

Whose mustache can't you refuse?

This celeb has sported some pretty newsworthy facial hair.

After he lost his hair, this actor grew a lush beard.

This A-lister has gone through a number of looks, including some well-styled chin curtains.

Who does this regal mustache belong to?

Which music icon sported these muttonchops in the late '60s?

This Oscar winner was almost unrecognizable behind his shaggy beard.

Which iconic TV host delighted viewers with this suave facial hair?

TV wrongdoers trembled at the sight of this guy's crime-stopping mustache.

Unlike his character, this bearded actor certainly has a name.

Who does this mustache belong to?

A greasepaint mustache was the signature of this comedy pioneer.

What is the name of this manly man?

Who is this high-energy entertainer?

This A-lister has gone through a number of different looks, but they all look pretty darn handsome.

Who do these super sideburns belong to?

Can you identify this musical stache?

The man behind this goatee has attended more than a few red carpet premieres.

You wouldn't want to get into a battle of wits with this hairy fellow.

The guy behind this beard has aged like fine wine.

Whether he's showing off a beard or goatee, this man is always well-groomed.

This sports legend had a world-class arm and upper lip.

Can you name this vintage TV star based only on the lower half of his face?

Who is this larger-than-life director?

Who's the star behind this expertly sculpted goatee?

Who was this man, who was behind one of the most iconic facial hair looks in music?

You might remember this character actor from his many commercial appearances.

Which famous Chris does this beard belong to?

This performer had one of the best tough-guy mustaches in cinema.

Most of the time, this comedian only has a mustache when he's in character.

You'd find this debonair facial hair on the face of which actor and director?

This prolific actor doesn't go anywhere without his signature stache.