Can You Name These Common Mammals?

Quick — what do a group of house cats, a killer whale, and Morgan Freeman all have in common? They're all mammals! In fact, the class Mammalia unites many of the world's living creatures that seemingly have no business being grouped together. While some are easier than others to pick out, do you have the smarts to identify this diverse group of common mammals?

These humped animals are known as...

Strangely, this creature is sometimes known to hunt alongside coyotes:

This mammal's diet is made up of 99 percent bamboo leaves and shoots:

G'day, mate! This mammal is native to Australia:

The cold never bothered this furball:

Is it a duck? No. Is it a beaver? No. It's a...

With an average height between 15 and 20 feet tall, these mammals are the tallest animals in the world:

This is no ordinary cat. It's a...

You'd be wise not to pick a fight with one of these bouncy mammals:

Some of these mammals can travel up to 18 mph in water:

Though they may be hard to see, this creature actually has incredibly tiny eyes, though they don't do much underground:

Oink oink! This animal could only be a...

This mammal has also been referred to as a "scaly anteater":

No, that's not Fabio, though he's definitely ridden one before:

What's the name of this enormous mammal?

This mammal is often considered a symbol of the American frontier:

This mammal's name literally means "nose-horned":

This mammal is known to hang out in some pretty unusual places:

This mammal is known to use a variety of sophisticated tools and can live for over 30 years:

Look up in a nearby tree — chances are, you'll spot one of these:

Groups of these creatures are often led by the oldest female, known as the matriarch:

This pouting primate is called a...

Can you name this large New World deer?

This enormous ape is called a...

This tiny animal would probably ask you for a nibble of cheese:

Even if you've never actually seen one in person, you almost definitely know this spotted animal:

From the looks on their faces, these creatures don't seem fond of sharing meals:

Despite its popularity as a pet in the U.S., this mammal is not native to the Americas:

This mammal's name translates to "little armored one" in Spanish:

"'Have you any wool?' 'Yes sir, yes sir — three bags full!'"

Don't let this little guy near your wood piles!

The global population of this beautiful big cat has plummeted over the last two centuries, dwindling down to around 4,000:

Some people keep these creatures as pets:

Even the king of the jungle can have a sensitive side:

Are they white with black stripes, or black with white stripes?

This animal can be found on every continent except Antarctica:

Whitetail, fallow, and roe are just some species of this mammal:

You better have some tomato soup handy if this little guy ever crosses your path:

Everyone knows man's best friend:

The fastest land animals on Earth, these mammals can reach top speeds of 80 mph: