Quiz: Match The Princess To The Movie

Movies can let us live out our wildest fantasies. Feel like embarking on an adventure through the Wild West? Done. Want to solve a whodunnit in an ornate old mansion? Easy! But one fantasy seems to thrill many of us more than others: living like royalty. Can you name the famous movies based on the princesses featured in them?

This film is largely credited with launching the Disney Renaissance of the 90s.

This rebellious princess uttered one of the most famous lines in movie history: "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope."

This Disney blockbuster broke records when it was released in 2013 and features the princesses Elsa and Anna.

Liv Tyler plays Arwen the elf in this fantasy epic.

Princess Fiona isn't all that she appears to be in this DreamWorks classic.

Surprisingly, this film is not a Disney flick, though many believe it to be. It was actually produced by Fox Animation Studios.

Merida is the heir to the Scottish throne in Pixar's only princess movie to date.

When Princess Jasmine meets her prince, she embarks on a journey to see "A Whole New World."

Pop star Brandy played the lead in this 1997 fairy tale remake.

Audrey Hepburn won her only Oscar for her performance in this classic.

This film is one of the few animated features to ever be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

Robin Wright stars as Princess Buttercup in this fairy tale comedy.

This reinterpretation of a Disney classic starred Elle Fanning as the royal protagonist.

She sings, she talks to animals — Disney's first-ever princess does it all!

This Naboo royalty leaves her kingdom to embark on a galactic adventure with some new companions.

Giselle is the princess in this live-action Disney flick.

Anne Hathaway's breakout role was in this Disney comedy.

Kristen Stewart plays a fiery version of the classic princess in this modern retelling.

This modern Disney classic finds a sea-faring chief's daughter on an adventure across the sprawling ocean.

Drew Barrymore plays the princess protagonist in this darker retelling of a fairy tale classic.

One of Disney's classic fairy tales has inspired countless retellings over the years.

This 2017 Netflix fairy tale was so popular that it spawned two sequels.

This film marked Disney's first fairy tale feature created with CGI animation.

Julia Stiles stars as Paige in this reimagining of a classic fairy tale.

This New Line Cinema flick ended up bombing at the box office due to competition with The Lion King.

Yvaine is knocked out of the sky and lands in Stormhold where she meets the young Tristan Thorne.

This 2004 film was based on a popular novel by Gail Carson Levine.

Disney returned to traditional hand-drawn animation for the first time in almost a decade for this princess flick.

This Japanese animated classic follows San, a girl raised by wolves.

Princess Vespa is the damsel in distress in this 1987 parody.

This Disney classic followed a girl who takes her father's place in a great war.

Princess Anna embarks on a quest with her sister to save their kingdom in this blockbuster smash.

Many thought this 1994 flick was a Disney feature, but it was actually released by Warner Bros.

Disney is remaking the vast majority of their princess films in live-action, and this one starring Emma Watson was among the first.

Princess Poppy is the protagonist in this big-budget DreamWorks hit.

Disney's Colonial-era Romeo and Juliet has received its fair share of criticism, though the music is still admired to this day.

Disney's renewed interest in live-action films started in 2015 with this blockbuster fairy tale.

Princess Vanellope is known as "The Glitch" in this widely-acclaimed Disney film.

It bombed at the box office, but this 1995 flick went on to be nominated for two Academy Awards.

One of Disney's less traditional remakes, this live-action fairy tale is the first from the studio to be rated PG-13.