Princess Margaret Got A Sharp Response After Insulting Elizabeth Taylor To Her Face

People either loved Margaret, or they didn’t — she just had that kind of personality. She was often described as being high-spirited and rebellious, unlike her more demure sister, Queen Elizabeth II. Margaret was an example of a modern-day princess who had no problem telling off movie stars like Elizabeth Taylor and shaking up the entire palace. She proved that princesses are far from perfect.

As a young woman, it was evident that Margaret didn't always love royal life. The princess was described as "bored, mécontente, ready to burst out against it all" by historian A.L. Rowse. He even called her “a Duke of Windsor among the women of the royal family,” a reference to her uncle Edward VIII, who famously abdicated the throne to be with the woman he loved. He, like Margaret, wasn’t one to blindly follow the rules.

As Margaret got older, her rebellious side didn’t seem to fade. According to some stories, she wasn't always gracious to her guests. She once had visitors wait late into the night while she got ready for a dinner party, only to emerge looking like "a huge ball of fur," as journalist and biographer Nancy Mitford once recalled.

Most young ladies (and many older ladies) might detest being called "ma'am," but not Margaret. In fact, she insisted upon it — if the witness accounts are to be believed. According to reports, the princesses would be friendly until you called her by anything other than "ma'am" or "your highness."

According to an anonymous dinner party guest, Margaret and the gang were once happily playing Trivial Pursuit, until she answered a question incorrectly: “She got so furious that she tossed the whole board in the air, sending all the pieces flying everywhere.”